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Provide natural lawn care for your greenery with Lawn Medic, in Southern New Jersey.
Lawn Renovating
Renovation tends to be the most cost effective way of establishing a new lawn. It offers many advantages over completely stripping away the existing grass and starting over from scratch.
The exact cost for renovating your lawn depends on its size and condition. Prior to beginning any work, we will provide a comprehensive explanation of our services and price quote.
Advantages of Lawn Renovation
Because your soil is not turned over with lawn renovation, rocks and other debris are not brought to the surface. Weed seeds that may exist in the soil also remain undisturbed.
Another advantage of lawn renovation is your existing grass plants remain to protect new seeds. This means your newly renovated lawn will tolerate light foot traffic right after it is finished.
Benefits of Core Aeration Technology
Core aeration increases particle size in compacted soils, creating a larger pore in your soil. This increases water and air penetration. It also allows increase nutrient mobility and availability. Core aeration technology is environmentally safe and is unlike any other soil amendment.
Our Guarantee
We are so confident in our service that we offer a money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our service.
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